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I've designed this course to be one of the most comprehensive beginner courses you can take today, covering not only what I recommend doing, but also what I wish I had known from the start with Classic Sets.

You'll learn how to intentionally create a Classic Set with a Perfect Top Line that your clients will love, how to customize them for their eye shape, conduct an in-depth consultation, and much more.

These tips will help you stand out and have confidence in yourself and your work, just like many of our students who have followed this training.

If you are ready to create your own schedule and have a successful business, THIS TRAINING IS FOR YOU.

I look forward to meeting you !

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What you'll learn


This training takes place over one day at the price of CHF 750.- from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM.


Having a strong foundation in classic eyelash extensions is highly recommended. This training is open to individuals wishing to work in aesthetics or pursuing a professional transition.



- Individual theoretical booklet
- Post-training support for 6 months to guide you during your practice
- Complimentary lunch
- Training certificate
- Complete Starter Kit included in the training price



- 2 boxes of mixed lashes, 10 under-eye patches, 1 5ml lash glue
- 2 tweezers, 20 mascara wands, 20 microbrushes
- 1 jade stone, 1 tape
- 1 lash remover, 1 air blower



- Ophthalmic diseases and allergies
- Anatomy and structure of the eye
- Indications and contraindications
- Protocols and hygiene
- Medical questionnaire
- Marketing



- Equipment usage
- Prepare a model for practical application at 2:00 PM
- Questions and answers
- Certificate and Starter Kit distribution



Participants are responsible for finding a model and ensuring care during the practical session at 2:00 PM.


  • Start at 9:30 and end at 17:00

  • 30-minute lunch break at the salon, bring your lunch or we will order in.

  • Each student must have 1 model come at 14h and be available to stay for 4 hours. 

  • Each student has to find their model

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