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All The In-Person Lash Extensions Courses

Providing All the Information You Need To Succeed

Classic Lash Training Course + Training Kit - July 5-6 2023 _ $500 Deposit + Kit Purchase

The Basics Course

Our program is designed with beginners in mind, ensuring simplicity and clarity. Every student completing the course will possess the essential knowledge to kickstart their lash business journey.

- Comprehensive classic lash technique training
- Hands-on experiences for practical learning
- Personalised guidance for 6 months from an expert

- 2 students per training maximum

Limited spaces, sign up now!

Perfect Russian Volume

Prerequisite: Completion of a classics course!
- Learn all you need to master the perfect Russian Volume
- Explore various fan-creation techniques
- Maximum of 2 students per course for personalized attention
- Discover different mapping techniques and how to customize sets for each client

- You'll learn how to market your business for the ultimate success

Limited spaces, sign up now !

Become an accredited and certified lash educator and get trained with us__edited.jpg

Trendy Effects

Are you ready to elevate your skills with our specialized master class?

- Dive into the art of Wispy and Wet lash sets
- Learn advanced mapping techniques for all eye shapes
- Gain insights into effective marketing strategies for your lash business

Eyeliner Effect

Looking to upgrade your lash game? This is the perfect class for you.

- Master the Eyeliner Effect with diverse lash curls in this exclusive class
- Perfect your skills in mapping for all eye shapes, ensuring precision and customization

- Maximum 4 students per class
- Unlock marketing strategies to boost your lash business and stand out in the industry

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