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Our Main Manicure Services

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Clean/Male Manicure

Russian manicure 

Time: 40min

Price: 45-50.-

Includes: russian manicure 

Time: 45min-1h

Price: 69.-

+15 Chic Short Nail Ideas.jpeg

Includes: Russian manicure + thin layer of gel 

Time: 1h

Price: 79.-

Valentine's Day Nails Simple.jpeg

Includes: extension made with gel/acrygel + colour

Time: 1h-1h30

Full set: 130.-

no refil

Long Burgundy Almond Nails.jpeg

Includes: russian manicure

Time: 1h-1h30

Full set on natural nails: 99.-

Full set + removal of previous gel: 109.- 

_ (25)_edited.jpg

Includes: russian manicure

Time: 45min

Price: 20.-

+10 for keratin nail treatment

Russian manicure,
nail extensions & Nail art

The Russian Manicure lays the foundation for nail perfection, ensuring impeccable cuticle care and a smooth, natural nail bed.

At Alexya Beauty, we invite you to explore the boundless creativity that emerges when the elegance of Russian Manicure meets the limitless potential of nail extensions. Elevate your nail game with us, and let your nails tell a story of beauty and individuality.

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