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Time: 1h

Full Set: 90.- 

No refill


Time: 1h

Full Set: 100.- 

Refill: 80.-

Brown lash set_edited.jpg
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Time: 1h30

Full set: 110.- 

Refill: 90.-

Time: 2h

Full Set: 120.- 

Refill: 100.-

_ (24)_edited.jpg

Time: 2h

Full set: 130.- 

Refill: 110.-

Russian Volume Lash Extensions (2023)_ All You Need to Know About_edited.jpg

Time: 2h-2h30

Full set: 140.- 

Refill: 120.-

Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 18.16.21.png

Time: 40min

Full set: 60.- 

no refill

_ (46).jpeg

Time: 30min

Full set: 20.- 

Every Set Is Tailored Uniquely For You

At Alexya Beauty, we understand that every client is unique, and their eyelash extensions should reflect their individual style. Done by customizing your lash extensions, we aim to enhance your natural beauty while achieving the look you've always dreamed of.


We ensure that each set of eyelash extensions is tailored to meet your specific desires and needs, through consultation, considering every factor, and personal style preferences.

We offer a wide range of lash curls, from the subtle elegance of a 'C' curl to the dramatic allure of an 'L' curl.

We believe that beauty is personal.

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