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Every Set Is Tailored Uniquely For You

Thanks to continuous education, we always excel in recreating any desired lash style, meticulously tailored to complement your unique eye and face shape. Choose from our range of half sets, Wispy/Anime sets, Fox eye, eyeliner, to Russian Volume sets.

With an extensive selection of lash sizes, colours, and thicknesses, we guarantee to fulfil your every need and desire!​


The Natural Set

Often hailed as the epitome of discretion and elegance, this set offers a versatile range, from a subtle half set to a delicately wispy style.

The choice is entirely yours!

We highly recommend this style for our first-time clients, as lash extensions can significantly enhance your appearance.

The Volume Set

This particular set caters to clients seeking a bolder, more pronounced lash appearance, characterized by deep, voluminous lashes.


Ideal for those transitioning from dramatic styles to a more refined elegance, it offers the allure of a dark lash line without compromising on sophistication.


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